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mini sketchdump by marie-berry mini sketchdump :iconmarie-berry:marie-berry 7 6
Glory's Side Story: Part 2
As Glory regains consciousness, she finds herself in a room at odds with the cold stone of the underground hallway. The walls are smooth and finished, painted a soft alice blue. She lies on soft, new bedclothes in a darker blue, unmarred except for her presence there. Overhead a gauzy white canopy is supported by elegant white bedposts.
The room is tastefully appointed. To the left of the bed is a small study; a roll-top desk, a well-stocked bookcase, and an overstuffed grandfather chair. The door—presumably to freedom—is directly ahead of the bed, down a long stretch of blue carpet. To the right sits a pretty white armoire, touched with accents of gold, and beyond that is a tall window, stretching from floor to ceiling.
And in front of the window stands a boy, arms clasped behind his back as he gazes into the moonless night. From the back, Glory can make up a few details. He is a tall boy, 5'10" or so, and very lank with stilt-like legs, made longer still by the
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Glory's Side Story: Part 1
As Glory rounds the corner into another empty stone hallway, she hears a voice.
"Hey, you. Girl. Yeah, you—girl with the cloak." It's barely above a whisper, but can't be from a boy much older than she is. He has an accent she can't place. "Don't let the others know you can hear me, okay? Because they can't. For all they know, you're hearing voices in your head. Got it? Just mouth an answer back."
Glory paused, resisting the urge to look back toward the group.  Silently, she mouthed back an "okay" and waited for further communication.
"What's your name?" says the voice. It sounds like it's coming behind her, but if she turns to investigate, there's no one there.
Glory smiled habitually at the concept of making introductions – even if it was to an invisible person.  "Glory," she mouthed, then added, "And you?"
"Glory..." the voice says, thoughtfully. "Like the flower. Morning Glory."
Glory can almost hear the smile in his voice; he gives a small, amused laugh. "You
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avani fashion 2: male by marie-berry avani fashion 2: male :iconmarie-berry:marie-berry 25 11
QMC: Round 3
Beyond the threshold of the door the world still churns from the attack. The blur of passing trollies and  urgent voices signal more arrivals. She wonders how many she didn't save.
But inside Room 108, it is quiet, and the night has painted everything in shades of blue.  A bouquet of delphiniums sits on a nearby table. He waits for her.
"Hi, poppy." His voice cracks in the whisper. "I didn't know if you were ever gonna wake up again."
"I wish I hadn't."
The silence between them spans an ocean—one large enough that he could fill it with every word he'd never said to her.
"The boys at work pitched in," he tries again, "We bought a headstone for the baby. It's in a real pretty spot, too. I'll take you as soon as you're better."
"Any more reports? Nobody saw me change, did they?" she asked. It was a constant fear.
"No. Doctor Loera took the 'monster' in for an autopsy," he explains. "We've got to send that man a thank-you card."
She looks away from him and to the w
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passion by marie-berry passion :iconmarie-berry:marie-berry 25 7 morning glory by marie-berry morning glory :iconmarie-berry:marie-berry 8 14 MSP 2012: Photographs by marie-berry MSP 2012: Photographs :iconmarie-berry:marie-berry 9 13 the draksveld witch by marie-berry the draksveld witch :iconmarie-berry:marie-berry 16 14
QMC: Round 2
There is so little time. Morpheas leaves her footprints in miles of black sand, boat long abandoned. Three of her ribs are broken; an illusion hides her ruined face. She carries her baby. Between pained breaths, she asks him what kind of person he is. He tells her tales of cowboys, rocket ships and finger paint.
Her body begins to fail. An explanation, an apology, a plea for forgiveness—she has practiced this goodbye many times. But faced with him, she only thinks of one thing:
"I love you."
She hopes it is enough.
Ambulance lights glitter on the jagged teeth of broken windows. A police cordon surrounds the diminishing husk of a primordial nightmare, buried in the remains of 33rd street.
It is a place she tries to forget but visits often in dreams.
"None of this is real, you know." Her husband slouches, hands in his pockets. They wait behind police tape. "You've been deluding yourself. I think it helps you cope."
Here he is neither devil nor a saint, just the truth. She hates it.
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gallant soldier by marie-berry gallant soldier :iconmarie-berry:marie-berry 13 25
QMC: Round 1
Even hell can be pretty, she reminds herself. Here, it is her garden re-imagined. Everything is here—her misplaced book, blue pinwheels and the swing her baby boy will grow into—but she can't leave. She walks for hours among delphinium, calling names she knows no one will answer to and looking for an exit that isn't there. Doesn't change the fact it's hell.
She sucks on sunflower seeds as she explores the facsimile of her memories, down to the family pond that's swelled into an ocean so large it touches the horizon. Half-eaten bodies are buried in the tall grass—the pair of swans she feeds on Sundays. Their eggs are smeared across the shoreline.
He has her eyes, her husband's mouth; it is their baby, now a little boy. A thousand leagues away, he waves to her, a make-believe pirate in a pretty white boat.
He is so beautiful.
Her joyful sobs twist into screams as black, horned legs grip the side of the boat.
It rises; naked, craggy body pulsing with e
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SMOCT3 Act 1, Page 6 by marie-berry SMOCT3 Act 1, Page 6 :iconmarie-berry:marie-berry 7 24 DnD: Cerellev by marie-berry DnD: Cerellev :iconmarie-berry:marie-berry 2 37
QMC: Round 0
She hopes for a place where he isn't dead. The times he never exists at all are better than when he has been and has been taken from her, his presence reduced to quiet nights with a man relieved to have his life back and two snaps of pine limbs made into a cross.
This in-between place is nice. She paints the walls in yellows and blues and writes "I love you" on the autumn-morning glass. A stray cheerio is helped into her baby boy's mouth. Her husband is the same man from the other worlds, with kinder eyes and a fondness for pillow forts. She adores him.
She feels the pull at the back of her mind constantly now, the dark fingers wrap themselves around her thoughts and beckon her. The first wave of denial comes as constant cups of coffee, and frenzied midnight housecleaning signals her growing fear. Caffeine pills are the last resort. He intervenes.
He takes her to bed. Thumb pressed to one of her dark rimmed eyes, he says, "We'll get those nightmares checked out first thing tomorrow, po
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Rules for DnD Sessions
This isn't really a "how-to-play" guide or anything. This is just a list of rules I expect my players to follow when dealing with other players and myself during our sessions. It's pretty common sense stuff that's probably been said a hundred times before, for the most part, but if you're not sure about a certain rule, please contact me and I will clarify.
Out-of-Character ≠ In-Character: With different alignments and motivations at play, not all characters are going to get along. This doesn't mean that the player behind the character hates you, though. In fact, some of the nicest people play the meanest characters. Don't take it out on the player or I will take it out on you, if you get what I'm saying. Speaking of which...
The DM doesn't hate you. As a DM, I'm supposed to keep things balanced and fun for everyone. If you get taken aside because you're being a jerk or otherwise making people uncomfortable, I don't hate you. I'm immensely disappointed
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Leave of Absence.

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 24, 2012, 3:07 PM
Hi guys!

Just a quick note so no one thinks I've fallen off the face of the earth.

I need to take a leave of absence for about a week. Don't worry, I'm not dying or anything, but a lot of stuff in my life is changing right now. I need to be able to take care of it without worrying about leaving you guys on DA hanging.

I will be unable to answer notes or comments during the next seven days. Please refrain from noting me about emergencies, especially SMOCT emergencies, as I will not see your messages and will not be able to help you. If you have concerns about Avani, talk to one of the other members who will probably be able to get in touch with me. :]

Love you guys! Bye for now!



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celamowari Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2015
So it's been almost three years (!) since your "one week" leave of absence and that boggles my mind a little.  I hope you are still drawing, at least for your own benefit.  And I hope the world is being kind to you. :heart:
kuroitenshi13 Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2014  Professional General Artist
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LESimmons Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2013
Happy birthday, Marie! XD Hope you come back soon!
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