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Beyond the threshold of the door the world still churns from the attack. The blur of passing trollies and  urgent voices signal more arrivals. She wonders how many she didn't save.

But inside Room 108, it is quiet, and the night has painted everything in shades of blue.  A bouquet of delphiniums sits on a nearby table. He waits for her.

"Hi, poppy." His voice cracks in the whisper. "I didn't know if you were ever gonna wake up again."

"I wish I hadn't."

The silence between them spans an ocean—one large enough that he could fill it with every word he'd never said to her.

"The boys at work pitched in," he tries again, "We bought a headstone for the baby. It's in a real pretty spot, too. I'll take you as soon as you're better."

"Any more reports? Nobody saw me change, did they?" she asked. It was a constant fear.

"No. Doctor Loera took the 'monster' in for an autopsy," he explains. "We've got to send that man a thank-you card."

She looks away from him and to the window. The stars become small, smeared pinpricks as another wave of tears hits her. Her womb feels empty.

"Maybe..." he begins. "You weren't meant to save everyone. I've been thinking...Maybe we can go somewhere and put all this behind us. We can try again."

She hopes for a place where he isn't dead.
And here it is! The conclusion to Morpheus' story. Just in time, too.

Word count: 247 according to Open Office.

Edit: Whoops! Nearly forgot the prompt.

Time and Space - The Cinematic Orchestra. What a gorgeous, heartbreaking song!

Round 0
Round 1
Round 2
fencergirl00 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2012
Lol we got our pieces in within a half hour of each other XD

God your piece is so beautiful and heart-breaking!! I really started tearing up after the first few sentences and was nearly sobbing by the end, and you really used the prompt perfectly, and *insert massive gushing and "I am not worthy"-s here*!!!!!

Best of luck (although I'm almost positive that you won)!!!
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